Enter the world of Aramatir, a world of kingdoms, faith, sword and sorcery.

Meet Clara, a Sword Apprentice to Master Dantor and Master Stelia. It’s her day to take up her crystal sword, to enter the final stage of her apprenticeship, but as soon as she reaches the Triune Halls everything goes awry.

First, Master Dantor informs her that she is the next Champion, foreseen in a vision. Champions only arise in times of great peril and need and her crystal sword will not be given to her in the usual way but will arise in time of need.

Master Stelia has dire news for the Triune Halls Council.

The city of Skycliff, capital of Septily is attacked.

Clara’s carefree days as an apprentice are over and she doubts she is the right person to become a Champion.

If the Champion doubts, the entire world may be in peril.


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In the second book of The Champion Trilogy, Clara must deal with assassins, an angry griffins, and well-meaning friends who might take away her ability to Champion all of Aramatir. She must heal her broken sword and find healing for her heart if she is to survive her next confrontation with the evil sorceress Kalidess.


In the final conclusion to The Champion Trilogy, Clara hides a truth from a her team that may cause them to lose their faith in her as the Champion of Aramatir. If they knew, would they allow her to attack the Dark Fortress. Not knowing, she flies towards battle with friends and allies, hoping she can save her people, her friends, and her world.